Service and Maintenance.

For Praber Certified, presses, thus purchased, revamped and refurbished, it is possible to access the “Praber Protect Plan” program, namely an ordinary scheduled maintenance path, choosing the periods of minor production or before a new order is placed, so as not to hamper the normal productive process. By this way you are guaranteed of maintaining the best efficiency in terms of cycle times and
manufacture quality steadily over time.

Whereas patterns allow it, they can be connected via the Internet, hence enabling to provide servicing remotely.

Besides the “Praber Protect Plan” you may choose a “Service Pack”, upon purchase so as to ensure
the availability of some mass-production parts or of the ones realized according to a specific drawing, namely Praber Srl will store some items at the Customer or Vendor warehouse hence in case of breakage intervention will be achieved in “zero time ”.